Saturday, December 21, 2013

Two weeks on the 530 G

Overall: Wish I had never gotten it. Sometimes feel okay or even cool with it, much of the time feel frustrated, scared, itchy, and tender.

My first infusion set (6mm quick set on my butt) had no delivery alarms and had to be pulled. My second infusion set (6mm quick set on my butt) was okay. My third infusion set (6mm quick set on my thigh) was okay although really tender, but when I pulled it, it bled so much that there was a puddle of blood as big as my hand on the floor. It was scary. My fourth infusion set (6mm quick set on my butt) was okay. My fifth infusion set (13mm silhouette on my arm) is still in my arm right now and it's pretty tender but working okay.

My first and second sensors I wrote about already. The third did okay through the fifth day but on the sixth day the ISIG:bg ratio went bad quickly resulting in false lows and finally in SENSOR FAILED shortly before the six day period was up. The fourth sensor has been performing with terrific accuracy (and is now five days in) but some WEAK SENSOR and SENSOR LOSTs have occurred.

My bgs have been worse than usual but not dramatically so.

Overall though I just don't like pumping. I'm not sure how much of it is the newness and how much of it isn't. I don't know whether or not to return it. I'm disappointed that it doesn't have a lot of features I think it should have (including features I expected because the Guardian has 'em as well as features found on other pumps and features that aren't found on other pumps that I just think it ought to have), and frustrated or annoyed by many of the features that it does have. 

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