Tuesday, December 10, 2013

3rd day on the 530G

The evening blood sugar after the supper with the combo bolus was a lot like if I had had shots- blood sugar was fine during supper but rose later. It didn't rise a lot though. I bolused a correction and for a snack at 9 PM.

At 4:45 AM I woke up to a Dexcom reading of 308, but happily enough my meter only read 256. I got a No Delivery alarm while trying to correct, and I took off the tubing from the site to really look at it. It still looked fine. I reconnected and told it to resume, then programmed in the basal that I wanted, and I went back to bed.

At 8 I woke up to a dropping blood sugar- Dexcom read 175. I decided to bolus for breakfast a little bit ahead of time, but a little over a unit into the ~9 unit bolus, I got another No Delivery alarm, and this time when I hit resume and tried to bolus again, I got a No Delivery alarm before it had bolused anything at all.

So I called the hotline. The person on the phone had me look at the stuff which still looked fine. She had me disconnect from the infusion site and try priming 5 units. The 5 units dripped out without triggering a No Delivery alarm. So she asked me to take out the site to see if maybe the tubing had kinked. I took out the site and looked. It was straight but there was blood in about 1/3-1/2 of the cannula. She said that was probably the cause of the No Delivery.

I cleaned off and put in a new site not far from the old one. I have 18" tubing and I don't think that would be adequate for very many locations. I had to stop myself from laughing at the lady on the phone's advise regarding sites on the abdomen: at least 3" from the belly button, and 2" from each other, and all around including up and down from the belly button. But that is not possible on this body of mine. My abdomen is roughly 11" wide. From the bottom of my rib cage to my hip bones is 3" if I'm standing up.  So yeah.

Anyways. I put in a new site. Being on the phone and doing the new site took me enough time that there wasn't any time left for breakfast, which meant my basals were way off for the workday because I have really different insulin requirements on days when I don't eat breakfast. I was cranky about it.
 I got home to two boxes and a letter from medtronic... and that is a start to day 4.

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