Monday, December 30, 2013

Three weeks and three days on the 530 G

So far: have worn six quick sets. The fifth one I put in on a Monday morning, bg started rising about three hours later and I bolused a lot trying to get it down; also I skipped lunch. It went down to about 240 before turning around and heading back up over 300; at that point I tested urine ketones, and they were very large so I pulled the site. The cannula had folded on itself completely. So, that explained that! I put in a sixth one and it worked okay, although when I pulled it there was blood in the cannula.

So far: have worn two silhouettes. The first one (at a 45 degree angle in my arm) had good absorption but it felt horrible and when I pulled it, the area looked like it had been worn raw. The second one (20 degree angle in my lower back) also had good absorption but about two days after I put it in it started bleeding again. I pulled it. The area has a fairly superficial bruise and it's tender and swollen and it hurts hurts hurts.

I put in my first sure T yesterday. I'm sure it went into muscle, but it feels okay-ish. Sometimes I feel it and it feels like I've got a needle in me, which I do, so that makes sense.

I met with the pump trainer on Friday and discussed sites. He thinks my best bet is silhouettes, to avoid muscle. I'm not so sure.

I really feel that wearing infusion sets has so far big a much more problematic and painful experience than people had led me to expect. Ouch ouch ouch!

I am finally wearing a sensor that's lasting. It's now on day 8, and performing well.

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Mike Hoskins said...

Interesting to read your experiences with this system, Jonah. Thanks for sharing this.