Monday, December 09, 2013

Second day on the 530 G

I went to bed around 10 pm last night with my Dexcom G4 going and the pump component of the 530G, but no enlite because the senserter broke. I had about a unit on board but I thought I had a lot of food in my belly still digesting, and my bg was 100 (yes really with two zeroes).
I woke up at 5:30 to a Dexcom that had run its battery fairly low going "LOW" since roughly midnight. If I'd had an enlite sensor on, of course, that would have been the perfect night to see how well the 530G could perform, but of course, I didn't.
I ate a small "let's get this low treated" breakfast and then went to the synagogue for morning prayers. While I was there the high alarm on my Dexcom went off (oops guess I overtreated that low) and I realized that I couldn't bolus without beeping unless I changed the alert types to vibrate instead of beep, which would require scrolling through the menu which would also beep. And I couldn't step out because I was needed for the prayer quorum. Sorry for beeping, everybody!
I had a second breakfast after prayers and my blood sugar dropped steadily until I ate lunch, leveled off, and then started dropping again. I ran a temp basal of 0.05 u/hr for an hour to try to head it off but that didn't seem to do much.
After work I set the basal for the 10 am to 3 pm period lower, from 0.325 to 0.275 u/hr (I have the midnight to 10 am basal at 0.450 and the 3 pm to midnight at 0.375 u/hr)
It had just come up (an hour after I ate about five fig newtons) when it was supper time, and I decided to do a dual wave bolus because supper was rice and lentils, a very favorite supper of mine that tends to cause late highs. Wouldn't you know it, a little after I put the pump down, still in the delivery of the bolus, I got a "No Delivery" alarm (my second one so far- and they were 36 hours apart FYI). I checked the tubing, which still looks fine to my inexperienced eyes, and hit "resume". But although that makes it resume basal, it had totally abandoned the bolus- both the remaining up front part, and the square wave part. So I looked at the bolus history, decided to guesstimate it, and that's what I did.

On another note regarding sites: the infusion site just now started feeling a little itchy and achey but is overall okay. I think I may have pulled on it too much. The place where I had a sensor is sore and the area where the overtape went- the extra square of tape- is still pink and tender. I think I need a different tape. Sigh! I'll try it as sent for one more sensor and if that one is also not so great, I'm going to try using Opsite Flexifix (which I don't love but which is OK on my skin).

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