Saturday, August 25, 2012

The endo appointment is Wednesday and I've been looking at my numbers really critically the last few days. My average as far back as this Dexcom goes (which is between two and three months) is 134. My biggest blood sugar weaknesses are: night time, especially when I'm asleep, and suppertime. In order to get a good distribution chart of when my BG is in what range, I reset the range to each 10 pt interval and looked at % in range. For 10 pt ranges after the 260s, the percent in range always came out 0, but there really is 1 last percentage point if you look at all points 270+, which is why the numbers on this graph add up to 99%.

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Edit: None of the diabetes software I've used has ever offered "mode" as a stat, but you the term for the most common data point in a group is mode. In the chart above, 110s is my mode

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