Friday, August 17, 2012

On Wednesday I met with an occupational therapist that the orthopedic surgeon had suggested. She did some testing, and didn't really find anything wrong, other than what I said was wrong. My grip strength and pinch strengths are normal. My range of motion is normal, and my flexibility is normal.
The OT doesn't particularly think I have carpal tunnel or diabetic neuropathy. She thinks I am generally overworked and carry too much stuff and don't get enough rest and it just happens to be manifesting in my hands.

Although most of what she said is somewhat disturbing, one of the things she said keeps niggling at me. I asked if she said I had diabetic neuropathy. And she said I could, I could not, and that it didn't matter- I shouldn't be thinking that that's the problem because, according to her, that would be too easy. That would let me say, it's not an issue of how much I'm overworking my body, or what I'm doing lifestyle wise.

Diabetic neuropathy, easy? It's a thought.

There is, of course, the larger issue that she does not believe occupational therapy would help me with my hands and that what I really need to do is figure out how to work less, and less intensively. Which is the sort of thing I feel like a person can better get away with she has been working for thirty plus years, and not so much when he is applying for jobs. Also, I don't really feel comfortable taking things easy.

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