Friday, August 17, 2012

Made an Endo Appt

It's been 5 months since I saw the endo, although it doesn't feel that long. I scheduled an appointment for the 29th, three days before my six year anniversary of being on insulin. I want to get my endo's take on what's going on with my hands.

I am going to put up lots of data between now and then about what my blood sugar's been doing and you all are once again invited to guess at my A1c.
For July, my Dexcom average was 139 with a standard deviation of 52. But it was really not being all that accurate, I don't know why. For August so far I'm averaging 132. But it's still being really inaccurate. For instance, of my last ten calibrations:

Dexcom v Accu Chek
224 v 150
98 v 60
209 v 168
189 v 153
243 v 181
64 v 98
148 v 191 (for this one, it should be admitted that my blood sugar was rising rapidly)
162 v 240
85 v 120
108 v 54

Pretty poor, yeah? None closer than 34 mg/dl apart. Compare this to a time when my sensors were doing much better, say, one month ago. Looking at my chart for July 17 and going back 10 readings, the accuracy is like this:

Dexcom v Accu Chekt
261 v 256
204 v 186
128 v 116
160 v 120
254 v 264
157 v 138
207 v 177
171 v 171
244 v 231
218 v 156

Which is worse blood sugars (really, yuck) but features one pair that was exactly the same, a lot of pairs really close, and only two pairs with a difference big enough to change whether or not I'd give insulin or eat (the fourth and last).

I really noticed the inaccuracy starting a couple of days after I injured my hand and suspect that the medication I took for the hand (Voltarin) was part of that, although I'm now off the Voltarin and the numbers don't seem better.

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