Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Post Endo Visit

What we did:
- I got weighed in and my weight is up to 102 lb. Woot!
- Discussed my blood sugar trends. He thinks it's looking pretty good- suggested taking an extra shot of Regular around 5 PM to forstall the rise in blood sugar that I often see.
- Discussed my hands- he says it probably isn't diabetic neuropathy.
- Discussed injection methods. He told me a few stories about patients and people with diabetes he's known. I wonder if I'm a story he tells or will tell anybody. I love hearing his stories.
- Got prescriptions for Regular, test strips, and glucagon.
- Mentioned the cardiac issues. He mentioned a holter monitor. Didn't think it was necessary, but an option to keep in mind.
- Had blood drawn for blood chemistry, A1c and TSH. Gave a urine sample for microalbumin.

If anybody wants to guess my A1c, you have until he tells me the results. My one month average is 131, the previous month was 139, and the three month average is 134.

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