Tuesday, January 03, 2012

You know my retroactive ISF system? So I decided to put in x as the BCR and y as the BPR and z as the ISF. And write a bunch of equations, like I ate 96 grams carb and 7 grams protein and injected 11 units and blood sugar fell 121, so (96x+7y +121)11 =z. And write equations like this for a bunch of mornings (as anybody who knows linear algebra knows, to solve systems of equations like this you need three equations), and then solve. Problem? I did this for four first-meal-of-the-morning meals in the past week and solving the system gives me answers that are totally absurd. Like protein lowers my blood sugar. Or maybe that's not as absurd as it seems to me, since I'm looking at it over a four hour period- maybe the protein slows digestion and doesn't raise blood sugar 'til later? Or maybe the low amounts of protein I'm eating mean that protein doesn't raise my blood sugar at all.

I've got five subscribers for my zine now but none who are readers of this blog. Maybe I downplayed it too much. Seriously, I'm proud of it. Also willing to offer to just mail it to you without you sending me a self addressed envelope as long as I don't get inundated with requests. One of the requests I've received so far is from Canada.

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