Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Numbers Outa My Ass

My blood sugar has been kind of rotten these last few days and my Dexcom is not helping. I changed sensors earlier this week and the new one is inaccurate so far. For instance, it said I was 188 rising before supper and I checked on the accu chek aviva and got a reading of 108. A re-check gave me a reading of 105. After supper, it showed me going up to about 240 and then drifting downwards. I took my Lantus. It was one of those shots- you know the ones, where you stick in the needle and meet resistance and push through and it doesn't hurt but then you meet another layer of resistance and push through that and then it hurts like hell? Yeah, it was that kind. I did the shot there anyways and when I pulled out the needle my butt bled a lot. So out of curiousity, I took my blood sugar with all that blood. I was wondering- would having insulin possibly in there with the blood or the fact that it was coming from, you know, my butt, matter to the accuracy? The meter read 303. Dexcom was saying 228. I rechecked on a finger and got a 297. Yeah, my butt beats my Dexcom.


Nathan said...

The sensor inaccuracy thing is pretty annoying. My current sensor has been problematic since I put it in, and it has just made me meter even more than ever. Like yours, it will show a sudden rise, and when I test I'll find that it's not going anywhere. I'm sort of looking forward to changing sensors, which is not normal for me.

The DL said...

ugh I hate when I my sensor does that. I have the medtronic one, but it drives me so crazy!! I find that it's because I didn't calibrate correctly.