Sunday, January 01, 2012

New This Year- Zine

I am making a zine made mostly of things already on this blog with some new material and illustrations. I expect the first issue to be completed this week. I will be happy to send you the first issue -free!- if you mail me a self addressed stamped envelope. To get my address, send an email to diffabled at hotmail dot com. The zine will be pages folded in half, not thirds, so you may want a slightly larger than normal envelope. Or I can fold your issue with an extra fold. It will be the weight of 5 sheets of paper plus a rubber band.
If you feel that you've really contributed to this blog (you know who you are) and should get a copy without having to send me a self addressed envelope, send me an email. I'll probably agree with you.

For subsequent editions, the price will be either a contribution in the form of your submission or five dollars for one issue or twelve dollars for three issues.

Submissions need to be on a 8.5"x5.5" paper- cut or fold in half a standard sheet- and they need to be legible, factual, and interesting. Also related to diabetes. Suggested topics include: little known factoids, interesting stories, puzzles, or comparisons of products. Answers to questions posed in your article, sources for facts, and permissions should be included on a separate piece of paper. Please include permission from your friends and family members if you write about them.

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