Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sensor Data For 100 Days with more than 12 hours' of readings

I finally have a hundred days with more than 12 hours' of reading on the same receiver, and I recently noticed that on the dexcom daily statistics chart, I can click on the category and it sorts my days. I started doing all the computations below when I'd had a day under 200 and started wondering- how often do I have days where my high is 200 or less? 18% of the time, as it turns out- between once and twice per week.

Including all days since October 15 with more than 144 readings; excludes November 10 (no readings), October 15 (10 readings), today (77 readings as of the upload) November 27 (96 readings), December 3 (99 readings), November 11, 131 readings, and December 12 (139 readings).

Of the remaining days,
one has more than 288 readings (daylight savings day),
three have at least 288 (missing no data),
fifty four have at least 276 (missing less than one hour of data),
sixty seven have at least 264 readings (missing up to two hours of data),
eighty have at least 252 readings (missing up to three hours of data)
eighty five have more than 240 readings (missing less than four hours of data)
eighty nine have more than 228 readings (missing less than five hours of data)
ninety have more than 216 readings (missing less than six hours of data)
ninety two have at least 204 readings (missing up to seven hours of data)
ninety four have more than 192 readings (missing up to eight hours of data)
ninety five have more than 180 readings (missing up to nine hours of data)
ninety eight have more than 168 readings (missing up to nine hours of data)
ninety nine have more than 156 readings (missing up to ten hours of data)
one hundred have at least 152 readings (missing up to 10.20 hours of data)
seven days have less than 144 readings (missing at least 12 hours of data).

The lowest max value was 159; the highest was HIGH. The median daily high was 237.5.
1 day was entirely below 160.
16 days were at or below 200; 15 days had highs between 160 and 200.
53 days were at or below 240; 37 days had highs between 201 and 240.
79 days were at or below 280; 26 days had highs between 241 and 280.
93 days were at or below 320; 14 days had highs between 281 and 320.
96 days were at or below 360; 3 days had highs between 321 and 360.
99 days were below 400; 3 days had highs between 360 and 400.
1 day had a reading of HIGH.

Both the lowest high and the highest high were checked against my meter. My accu chek reading for the "159" was 164; the accu chek on the "HIGH" was 302. 159 is reasonably close to 164 and I wouldn't be surprised either way if I had or hadn't been above 160 for that day. I checked the blood sugar after a reading of HIGH had been on my Dexcom for an hour, so it's possible that it was coming down by then and that I was really above 400 for some part of that hour, but my guess is that I wasn't really.
The runner up day with the highest sensor reading had a 389 about half an hour before I woke up, and then went to ???. Half an hour later, my bg on my meter was 250. I strongly suspect that the 389 was wrong and that I was not above 300, let alone 360. Could be wrong. The other two days with sensor readings above 360 may have been accurate; one I checked and my meter said 356, the other I took a correction for without checking my blood sugar, and I didn't go hypo.

Min daily value ranged from LOW to 110, median daily low was 72.
84 days did not have a LOW; 16 days had low values of LOW.
68 days stayed at 50 or higher; 16 days had low values of 40-49
56 days stayed at 60 or higher; 12 days had low values of 50-59
29 days stayed at 70 or higher; 27 days had low values of 60-69
13 days stayed at 80 or higher; 16 days had low values of 70-79
7 days stayed at 90 or higher; 6 days had low values of 80-89
2 days stayed at 100 or higher; 5 days had low values of 90-99
1 day had a low value of 105, and 1 day had a low value of 110.

Daily average ranged from 99 to 201, median 140.
Inter quartile range varied from 28 to 144, median 60.5. The interquartile range of the interquartile range was 48 to 75.
The standard deviation ranged from 20 to 110, median 49.5.

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