Friday, July 08, 2011

New Shipment of Diabetes Stuff

When I started getting Accu-Chek aviva test strips, they send me boxes that each had one canister of 50 strips. A few years ago, they switched to sending me boxes that each had two canisters of 50 strips each, the practical difference being that I got half as many code chips. In this shipment, they've gone back to boxes with one canister of fifty strips.
picture with a small, cubic, box of test strips, next to a box with twice the volume

I'm switching from mini pen needles, which are 5mm and 31G, to nano pen needles, which are 4mm and 32G.

picture of purple and white mini needles box and green and gray nano needles box, as seen from the top

As a math teacher, I was really struck and not at all happy to see the major mathematical error on the back of the Nano needles' box. It has a picture comparing a Nano needle to a short needle. The caption says "BD Ultra-Fine Nano is 50% shorter & 8% thinner!" and underneath, written on the pictures of the needles, it says 4mm² an 8mm² on the green one. But the dimension being described is length, not area. The difference is between 4mm and 8mm, not mm². This is a crucial difference.

A picture of the the ad described above

The opticlick Lantus pen cartridges have been discontinued, so the pharmacy called my doctor and asked for a prescription for a different form of Lantus. I expected to get vials, but to my surprise I got these Solostar disposable pens:

an open box showing five gray pens, and another showing three cartridges

Unfortunately, although I wanted syringes with half unit increment markings, I once again got the ones with whole units. The box with the half unit increment markings is from almost a year ago.

Two boxes advertising BD Insulin Syringes with the BD Ultra-Fine needle- one in white an purple that and one in gray an purple. The gray and purple also shows a display of marks with half units and whole unit measurements

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Reyna said...

I love that you checked out the "math"!

And...on the plug incident with Joe's site...I actually thought of the needle part after. The plug does not have a needle, but chewing off the connector did leave us with a pseudo plug with the needle...not sure if that was a good idea. I secured a IV 3000 over the site...but still, it could have been compromised by the entrance created by the needle I suppose.