Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Life of Control - Book Review

A Life of Control: Stories of Living With Diabetes
by Alan Graber, Anne Brown and Kathleen Wolff

First of all, you've gotta admit that's an awesome title. A life of control, I want that. Second, it's got an awesome cover. The title is inscribed in the screen of a One Touch Ultra (not a mini). Third, it's got a pretty impressive variety of diabetic stories inside, from the blind diabetic running a small store to the marathoner who runs only a half marathon the year she's diagnosed.
But despite all of that, this is not a great book. It is a compilation of stories of people with diabetes with the opinions of the authors interjected here and there, and in their interjections, they mess up the flow of the book, introduce numerous logical inconsistencies, while failing to offer insight or criticisms more sophisticated than someone entirely uneducated about diabetes could come up with.
I would not recommend this book to anybody who doesn't already know that weight control is not crucial to blood sugar control, pump users don't have more severe diabetes, sugar for diabetics is not akin to alcohol for alcoholics, and doctors can be judgmental idiots.
I would recommend this book to people who are secure in their knowledge about diabetes and are merely curious to see a wide range of other diabetics, including some you're unlikely to find online.


The DL said...

Interesting review. Thank you for the honesty!

Reyna said...

Huh, never heard of it. Sounds like it could be interesting for the persons knowledgeable about "D"...although, I feel like I know about so many interesting people with "D" via the DOC.

Have a great week Jonah!