Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My brother Tree is home for the summer. And, I just realized, he has a Windows laptop! Now, you may be thinking, Jonah is a Windows fan?! but it's not that. It's worse. I'm a Dexcom user. Dexcom only lets you review data (other than the past 24 hours' graph) on the computer (or print outs). And Dexcom software is designed to only run on Windows. And I really wanted to look at my averages.

The good news is, my July average so far is 132, which is a huge drop from my June average which was 158. I had been dreaming that it would be lower, but oh well. It was informative for me to look at the hourly trend chart of the past couple of weeks. My blood sugar is apparently hitting a high at midnight- there's a sharp rise in the hours coming up to midnight- and then it falls until by 6 am I'm typically low. So I think I need to take it easier on the Lantus.

The Regular so far isn't really doing what I meant it to- it seems to be kicking in at roughly the same speed as Novolog and also it's not lasting as long as I hoped. Frankly, it seems a lot like Novolog.I guess it's worth knowing if Regular does act just like Novolog for me, since Regular is cheaper, but it's not what I hoped to find.

I'm already thinking about what to write about when I do November facts this year (if you don't know what I'm talking about, read the archives for November 2010). For sure I want to write about lipodystrophy. I also want to look at trends in complications. If there's anything diabetes fact related you'd like me to write an essay on, let me know between now and halfway through November.


Scott said...

Its very interesting that you find Regular about the same as Novolog; that was my experience too, only I attributed it to Novolog being too slow (I found Humalog and Apidra both faster), which meant when my insurance company formulary changed, I ended up having to get an approval to continue using Humalog which was a pain, but then again, so is insurance generally. Anyway, every person will have a unique experience with insulin -- even the same insulin made by different manufacturers so if Humulin R (or Novolin R) isn't doing what you want it to, you might try the other; you might find it works just as you wanted it to!

Nathan said...

I have a minmed sensor/ pump. I have always been frustrated that I could only get my data reports from a PC, as I'm a mac user. Just recently I discovered that they added Safari compatibility to their website, which was all that was needed for the mac to get the data uploaded, etc. I was immediately able to see my stats and make a basal change that improved my BG control. It's amazing what a little data can do.