Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dexcom Upload and Endo Visit

Before my 10:30 appointment with the endocrinologist today, I went to upload my Dexcom data and look at reports.

This was harder than expected because I opened the Dexcom software and got error after error after error. I had to go into the controls to force quit the program. After that I tried downloading a new copy of the dexcom software and- presto magico!- it gave me the option of repairing the version I had, and did that ably. So then I uploaded my data. I had to pretend to be a new patient because the Dexcom software refuses to believe that one patient might have worn two different monitors.

The data itself was pretty disappointing. In February, I was in my target range less than half of the time (49%). My average for September was 136, October 130, November 137, December was 148, January was 148, February 160, March to date 143.
Part of that increase was probably because I started treating my blood sugar as low at 90 instead of 65. My endocrinologist said that for me, preventing those lows is worth it, assuming my A1c rose the half point I expect that it did, and not a point and a half.

My weight at the endo's was actually the same as it was in December (99 lb), so that was okay. Blood pressure was also good at 104/60. We talked about various things. In fact, we talked for about 45 minutes. I like my endo! He drew blood for TSH, A1c, Vitamin D, and probably CBC. I tested my blood sugar on my meter right before the blood draw so we could get a comparison.


Michael Hoskins said...

Sorry for the disappointing Dexcom data, Jonah, but at least you know how to use it to your advantage and as a guide for the future. Sounds like you have a great Endo too, which is always a bonus. Actually, I've got one myself Thursday morning and your post reminded me I need to do the same pump upload with my Minimed Carelink system - so thanks for that! I know I'm not going to be happy with my numbers and trends lately, or the A1c that's coming, but there's the same notion of improvement. Good luck on hearing back on your results, my friend!

Reyna said...

Jonah...I am so impressed that you use the software. I don't...hell, I don't even know where it is. We moved shortly after starting Dexter and I have yet to find the stuff to download the data. I am finding Joe's trends to be heading down that Hockey is over and I am not boosting him to kingdom come (although Spring Hockey starts tomorrow - :( ).

Your endo sounds like a wonderful resource. I love ours too. I am glad that the visit seemed positive over all. How is Globe doing?