Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bloodwork Results

No surprises.
The A1c was up exactly as much as I guessed it would be: to 6.7%. In December it was 6.2%.
The TSH was good, 1.1.
The blood sugar they got was 53; the meter in the less than a minute before the blood draw gave readings of 58 and 59. Not nearly as bad as last time.
The vitamin D was 28.4. This is slightly lower than ideal, and my doctor's message kind of went back and forth before recommending a supplement. However, I don't think I'm going to take that advice, because it is the beginning of spring and I assume I'll be getting a lot more sunlight in the next three months than in the previous three months, and because of what happened last time I supplemented (to wit: I overdosed on vitamin D).

I asked my endocrinologist what he thought about Globe's numbers and he recommended taking Globe to a pediatric endocrinologist. So my mother will be taking Globe to a pediatric endocrinologist (Globe is in middle school). Because we want to know if he's developing any type of diabetes and if he is, what type and what to do about it.


Michael Hoskins said...

Sorry for the higher A1C, Jonah. It seems that's going around the DOC these days... but, we can live and learn! Hope the peds endo has good news for the fam.

Reyna said...

Jonah...good thought on the Vit D. And...bummer on the higher A1C. I know you were hoping for lower, but expecting this.

Please keep us up-to-date on Globe (with his permission...of course) I have been thinking of you all.