Sunday, August 02, 2009

Loser, loser, loser.

I'm always losing stuff.

On Wednesday night and Thursday was a Jewish fast day, the 9th of Av, and I managed to fast the whole day. I just cut the basal from 12.5 to 8.5 Lantus that night. I woke up 228, took a unit of insulin, was down to 130 by lunch, rose to 150 by midafternoon, dropped to 72 by 5 PM, and hovered there - with another reading of 72 and a reading of 68- until I broke the fast at 9 PM. Then I couldn't find my NovoPen Jr. I looked and looked to no avail, so I took out a cartridge and used a syringe to dose for supper. This, I think, makes the fourth one lost in under 3 years.

Still taking my Novolog out of cartridges with a rapidly dwindling syringe supply, Friday night I couldn't locate my Lantus. It's usually in the fridge. I looked and looked and then gave up for the night; decided to take some expired Lantus to hold me through the night. I took 4 units, and woke up around 2 AM. My blood sugar was 441 and my urine ketones were negative. I took 7 units of Novolog and went back to sleep.
In the morning my blood sugar was 252 and my ketones still negative. I decided to open a new vial of Lantus and just not worry about wasting the opened vial. So now I'm back to morning Lantus shots. Hope this works out.

I will be buying a new NovoPen Jr. or two ASAP.

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