Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heat and Diabetes

I had a bunch of really unusually good blood sugar days this week and when I talked to a friend with diabetes- so had she. I've been wondering about the affects of weather on diabetes. I searched on pubmed, and discovered a few things:
That keeping lab animals at room temperature gives them insulin resistance vs if there's temperature variation.
A bunch of articles on vitamin D deficiency and brown fat and developing diabetes.
An article about the 2006 California heat wave noting a 3% increase in hospitalizations due to diabetes during the heat wave.
Two articles about people with pumps going into DKA due to heat related damage of the insulin in the pumps.

In sum, it seems that moderately hot and cold weather decreases the amount of insulin people need, and that beyond that there isn't much research.

If you have multiple D householders, do you notice that their blood sugars tend to go high or low on the same days?
Does anybody know of any articles about daily weather- as opposed to seasonal- affecting blood sugar? Please comment.

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