Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Endo Visit Coming Up On Friday

On Friday I go to see the endo. Haven't seen him since June, haven't spoken to him since July. I guess that's not so long. I've been trying to think about what to say to him. Some things are obvious:
I need to ask about what he thinks about me getting the flu shots, particularly for the H1N1 thing.
I need to report my awful terrible stomache pains.
I'll have my blood drawn for an A1c and for TSH, both of which I'm very curious about. The A1c I can guess at- somewhere between 6.4 and 6.8, is my guess. The last A1c was 7.2, but my my blood sugar average for the last two months has stayed below 140, so I'm pretty sure that the A1c will be done. The 30 day average when the A1c was 7.2 was something like 155. I suspect that the TSH will be back down below the normal range, but I don't know. Maybe it will be normal. In the last week I've had that sort of shaky feeling that I often get before I'm visibly shaky, and I've had it most of the time. I'm also thinking I'm looking skinnier than I did two weeks ago, so my guess for weight is something like 102 lb (last weigh in was 104, and before that was 99).
I need to ask about what insurances have him as preferred because I'll be job hunting in just another month or two.
Some things I do every now and then:
I'm going to ask for him to run the monofilament on my feet, because I check my blood sugar on my toes and I'm only planning to do that for as long as there's no overt neuropathy in my feet.
I'm thinking about asking for a celiac panel, although I think not this time.
We'll probably check my urine for microalbuminuria.

If anybody can think of anything else I need to bring up, tell me now.

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