Sunday, December 23, 2007

Package from Roche

Roche had (probably still has) an offer for free multiclix, so a while back (can't find in my calendar how long ago) I called. Asked for the multiclix, they asked if I'd like a complimentary subscription totheir magazine, Completing the Circle of Care. I said You betcha.
The woman on the phone told me that if I'd received another Accu Chek offer in the recent past, I'd get a letter telling me that I wasn't eligible. Otherwise, I'd get the multiclix. In either case, I'd get something from them in four weeks.
Well, the package came today. I got a new lancing device, two drums, some posters saying how great the multiclix are, and a copy of the Completing the Circle of Care (folded because of being inside the box.
And you know what? The multiclix really does feel pretty good. I keep managing to misplace my original ones, and having to use miscellaneous others, and I like the Accu Chek. It's also much easier to change the lancets with the Multiclix.
I might not always like Roche's meters, but the multiclix? Two thumbs up. It gets me blood without too much pain.
On a few occasions, I've been out and about and taken out the drum because it was all used and then realized, OOPS, I don't have another drum. And then I have had to manually draw blood or just skip the test. It took me about five months of dealing with diabetes to get into the habit of getting the new drum before removing the old one.

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