Friday, December 14, 2007

Life Masters and Diabetes Reading

is one of those programs that has a nurse call you to talk about your health issues and is paid for in full by insurance. I've gotten a bunch of mailings and calls and today I succumbed and said what the hell, sign me up. So they took my medical info and said a nurse'd be calling.
they wanted to know what my health goals are. I said I'm working out and trying to get more muscular (I have a brother who is a weight lifter and who recently recruited me as a training partner; we lift weights together twice a week), but that what I could use some help on is that I'd like to get an A1c reading below 6%.

I picked 10 diabetes related blogs to read regularly and that I'm gonna comment on in the next month, and I'm putting them in the sidebar. I'll change them in a month or two, regularly, I hope. My rules for picking them was that they had to have mentioned diabetes at least twice in the past two weeks, that at least eight had to be first person diabetes accounts, and that the diabetics didn't have to be type one but do have to be on insulin. Oh, and they had to be in English or Hebrew and I didn't find any Hebrew ones. I can't read any other languages enough to really understand anything as complex as diabetes.

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