Saturday, December 29, 2007

The insulin came and so did the rest of the supplies. The box was soggy, I'm not sure what from. I'm trying out the insulins and will see what happens. My father thinks we should just call the company now and demand new, but I'm wanting to try them first. Maybe they're good.

I asked my therapist not to ask me if I'm hypo, because I hate hate hate that question. She objected on the grounds that if my hands are shaking or I'm being quiet or I'm stimming or whatever, she needs to know whether I'm doing the behavior because of my emotional state or because of diabetes. I said that if my hands are shaking, she could just ask me why my hands are shaking!. My therapist said okay to that.
My mother says that if she asks if my hands are shaking, the question are you hypo is implied. I guess it might be, but somehow, it feels like a much much friendlier question.
You could ask anybody why hir hands are shaking.

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