Friday, December 07, 2007


So my total history of HbA1cs is:
September 1, 2006: off the charts, over 16%
September 2, 2006: off the charts, over 14%
January 11, 2007: 6.5%
May 16, 2007: 6.3%
August 23, 2007: 6.3%
December 5, 2007: 6.4%

I'd like 2008 to be better than 2007. Sometimes I think about getting a dog or a CGMS. I am happy about the 6.4 because I thought it was probably even higher.

My mother says I'm doing well and that there's not much room for improvement. My endocrinologist says that there's only so much you can do without pancreatic function while maintaining quality of life.

But I am listening when my mother says that the saddest thing in the world is children dying before their parents. I am watching people age and I am thinking that I want to get to be old too. I don't want my mother to outlive another one of her children. I want to live to be 20, 30, 40, 50, even 60 or 70. And that means maintaining low blood sugar or having some really great genes, and I don't think I lucked out in the gene pool.

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Molly said...

I think that 6.4 is good. Look how stable you've been over the past year. I just got my A1c back and it was 6.3.
I'm a special ed teacher (and also work at a camp for kids with sensory processing problems in the summer) and I enjoy reading your blog!
My doctor calls my service dog my "furry continuous blood glucose monitor."