Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Update: Yom Kippur, Graphic Design, Allergies

I haven't used another I-port yet. Maybe this week.
I fasted for Yom Kippur and was surprised to go high instead of low for the day. However, I did not get ketotic (or at least my urine didn't), and I didn't have to eat, I didn't go hypo, and I felt pretty good, so I'm counting the day a success.
I did a diabetes collage for my photoshop art class and then the professor said we'll be keeping the collages as part of our next project, which is to do a triptych. The piece I already did is called Application of Exogenous Insulin and is about insulin use since 1923, with 1923 newspaper articles on that topic as my background. It's in black and white. I'm thinking I'll make another black and white piece, this one on the treatment of complications, as another piece, and then do a color one in the middle. It's the topic of the middle one that I am thinking on.
I want the middle one to be less somber. That's important. I want it to be more about diabetics, while the other two are more about diabetes. I want it to be about culture; I'm thinking about making as a background a series of pictures of diabetics inside of glucose meters or pump interfaces or maybe other machines. I think I want to include all kinds of diabetics on insulin; 21st century humans, 21st century dogs and cats, 20th century people, old people and young people, visibly disabled people and nonvisibly disabled people. That might be the border of the piece. Then inside I want other stuff. Artwork on diabetes, comics on diabetes, I don't know. Ideas? If anybody wants to send me their artwork on diabetes or wants to be sent a finalized copy when its done, let me know.

Oh, and I just got diagnosed with allergies. I'm thinking about doing allergy shots. Do any of you have insulin dependent diabetes + allergies? How do the allergies and the medications or shots affect your blood sugar and insulin needs?


misscripchick said...

do you think you'll be able to upload the collage? i bet it's great!

Casdok said...

Your going to be busy!!