Monday, September 03, 2007

As y'all know, I haven't been super duper happy about the accuracy of my last two Accu-Chek avivas. I got a phone call from Accu-Chek about three weeks ago wanting to know if I was totally satisfied with my Accu-Chek products. I told them no, my meter read 30% high compared to the lab! That's ridiculous! They send me ten sample test strips and two bottles of control solution; my meters passed the control solution test.
I went to the endo, and my meter tested 20% high.
I complained on here and elsewhere. Accu-chek commented and sent me messages telling me to call customer service.
I called customer service. I asked them if they had a more accurate meter. They said no.
Guess what? They're sending me a new aviva meter, plus some other type of meter, and an envelope for me to send my meter back. I'm not sure which meter they want back. I'm not sure if they're putting enough postage on for me to send both back. But anyways, I'm kinda hopeful about the new ones. I mean, that first accu-chek I had was pretty accurate. If only I hadn't left it on the bus...

Oh, and this post was gonna be titled I-Port, take 7, except that the port is still going strong.

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