Monday, October 01, 2007

Trying to Replace a Novopen

I lost my second Novopen Jr a couple weeks ago. It was at my parents' place and then we couldn't find it. I just used syringes and then, of course, that made me low on syringes.
We are trying to replace the pen and lo and behold, it's prescription only. People keep saying to me that it comes with insulin, but the ones I got first didn't. They came with three vials of saline. No insulin.
Why the hell is this drug prescription only? I am one pissed off diabetic.


Scott said...

I've been there before; actually, getting a script is the easy part. Last November, my bag was stolen and it contained my Apidra Opticlik pen. Getting a doctor's Rx wasn't the problem, the issue was that Sanofi Aventis only distributes their pens via doctors' offices, so I couldn't just bring a prescription into Walgreens and get one, I had to wait for 4 days (it was Thanksgiving weekend) to find a doctors office that was open.

The irony is that in most states now, one need not even have a prescription to buy insulin syringes (at least in limited quantities). It was passed as a way of combating AIDS among IV drug users ... not that many of them even go into Walgreens to buy clean syringes, but the point is that this stuff should not be restricted access. After all, its not like an average person will have insulin cartridges sitting in their fridge unless they use the stuff.

Lili said...

I had to have a prescription for mine, and then when I filled it at Walgreens they had to special order it. It took a week. Good thing I already had scrips for vials and syringes! (Actually, I only used the pen because my endo insisted I try it. I tried it for a week and hated it.)