Sunday, October 14, 2007

I saw a link to this article on CWD. It says that rates of hypoglycemia and DKA in pregnant women on pumps were higher than those on MDI. Go MDI!

I think I'm very close to starting testosterone, which is very exciting for me. I don't expect the diabetes to be too much of an issue there. My regular, diabetes endo, is considering whether or not he's willing to put me on testosterone and will get back to me on Monday or Tuesday. If he's not, then I'll see an endo who's more experienced with transsexuals. Mine has only seen me.

I did a youtube video recently on glucagon. It's not exactly a great video, but whatever. If you click on it and go to youtube, you can read a transcript of the entire thing, which I put there for people like me who are better at understanding written word than spoken word.


misscripchick said...

it's cool to see what you look like :)
when do you start T?

Bad Decision Maker said...

Congrats on being close to starting testosterone - I hope finding an endo to give it to you is a speedy and not-too-filled-with annoying-doctors process!

On the glucagon - it's weird, my dad is a doctor and he is so unenthusiastic, almost against, me having it around. I can't figure out if it's that he's not into lay people doing and it would rather see me go to the hospital, or if he just doesn't wanna think about the possibility of me having a low that severe (I've never had one before, in my 12+ diabetic years). My philosophy is that anywhere I'm going where it could take an ambulance more than a few minutes to arrive (like camping or anywhere more rural), I bring it.