Monday, March 26, 2007

This morning I woke up and said boy, I can hear summer on the wind. My blood sugar was 86. Yeah!
After breakfast the heat was stultifying. I thought the heat was a little strange for March. Three hours later, my blood sugar was 247. Bleah! That explains the heat, I guess.
The frontpage of the children with diabetes website talks about this study. Kind of interesting; says that kids who watch more TV tend to have higher glycosated hemoglobin levels. The HbA1cs tend to look higher than they are because the study uses a normal lab value that goes 4.1%-6.4%. My lab only considers normal to go up to 5.8%. So I guess with the lab used in the study, instead of having a 6.5%, I'd have a 7.0%.
Anyways, in the study, children who watched more TV had higher A1cs. This could be evidence that watching TV does bad things to your brain, or it could be that among parents and teens who are interested in diabetes and tight control and stuff like that, they are also more interested to be in the whole health nut category in which they think TV is bad for you, and therefore either watch less TV or are willing to report less TV than they actually watch.

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