Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stress Relief

I asked my brother Danny (who is ten years old) to tell a story.
He said OK.
He said, Pick a box, a cage, a bar, um or diabetes. Which one do you want?
I say, diabetes.
He said, pick a number from one to ten.
Okay, I say, eight.
Danny begins; Eight men walk into diabetes.
The first one says, oh no I have diabetes.
The second one says, oh no, my friend has diabetes.
The third one says, oh no, two of my friends have diabetes.
The fourth one says, oh no, three of my friends have diabetes.
At this point my mother walks in and wants to know how these new people got diabetes.
Shhhhh, I tell her, it's a joke. Off of the three men walked into a bar ouch, joke.
So Danny continued:
The fifth one says, oh no, four of my friends have diabetes.
The sixth one says, oh no, five of my friends have diabetes.
The seventh one, oh the seventh one says, oh no, six of my friends have diabetes.
The eighth one says, oh no, we all have diabetes!
I say, what, that was the punch line?!

Myself, Danny, and our four year old brother Benjy were in hysterics through most of this story, despite its lack of humor. I think maybe for us diabetes has been such a serious word that putting it in an absurd setting was a real stress reliever. I also think that Danny and Benjy wanted to say OH NO about diabetes a bit without offending me. None of the three of us generally has a sophisticated sense of humor.

The bar joke, by the way, is a pun. It goes like this:
Three men walk into a bar.

Today my brother Koby tested his blood sugar. 132.


cass said...

it sounds like diabetes really effects your little brother too. glad you guys were able to enjoy some laughs together! it's a great story

julia said...

That walking into a bar, ouch joke is one of my favourites.

My other is;
What's brown and sticky?
A stick.

I just found you can't remember which blog it was, but via another diabetes blog. I thought I'd stop by and say hi. I'm enjoying reading your archives.

Kerri. said...

I liked this post in particular, joke and all. :)

And now I like Julia's joke, too. I'm not sure how sophisticated my sense of humor is, either.