Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Today I left my meter at home by accident. Thought about going back home to get it, and/or curtailing my usual activities, decided not to.

I was talking about this to another diabetic and she says she doesn't let other people use her meter because it messes up her averages and confuses the doctors.

I let everybody and anybody use my meter. Mine is an Accu-Chek aviva, and I can press a little button to star any results that aren't mine, although they still come up in the averages. However, since I check frequently and a normal blood sugar is not an outlier for me, I don't think that having somebody else's number on there every other week matters.

Her meter doesn't have a button for marking special numbers.

My 7 day average at the moment is 108, representing 34 of my numbers above 65 and 5 of my numbers below 65, and a nondiabetic classmate's 100.


cass said...

i think i would be stoked if someone wanted to check their blood sugar and would offer my meter to them without a thought.

of course, i firstly don't know any diabetics, and further, have never had the occasion that anyone was curious enough of their own blood sugar that they actually thought they would like to bleed to learn about it.

but, if it happens, i will personally donate one from my collection to this disturbed individual. ; )

Jonah said...

Of the other people whose blood sugar I tested, only two came out and asked to be tested- my mother and a friend who was afraid she had diabetes.
Two or three people said they thought that they might have diabetes and then tested when I asked them too.
A dozen or so others tested because I asked them to and they're my friends.

Lili said...

I've lent my meter (OneTouch UltraSmart) to another diabetic before; I just tell it it's control solution. It doesn't include the results in the averages.

Drea said...

I am protective of my meter HA!

Not many people ask.....but I would certainly let them...if anything a chance to change my lancet more frequent then once every 6 months!

Em said...

I let others use my meter quite a bit. I test my parents & sisters family dinners... sadly my stepfather declines now after getting a high-ish result once. He's always been scared of being a type 2, his mother died of it. Avoidance isn't the way through it though!
My friend and I also use each others if we need to. I'm not fussed about stuffed up averages - I test 6-8 times a day, one extra reading doesn't make a big difference :)
Congrats on the nice average!