Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I've been a picky eater all my life. In the year preceding my diagnosis, I became even more picky. Everything tasted bitter to me.
Not even watermelon was sweet.
In the hosptial, drinking water, I waited and waited for the bitterness to fade, but it took longer than my hospital stay did.

After leaving the hospital, I began to eat foods that I had never been willing to eat before. Foods that had never tasted ok to me were tasting a whole lot better.

Today I ate my fourth avocado. The fourth avocado I've eaten in my entire life; I used to hate avocado.

I've also been eating eggplant. Before, I would eat it fried, in small amounts, only. I didn't much like eggplant. Now I love it.

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Maniacally Monday said...

Paula Deen (a chef on the food network) says that she didn't like avocado until she saw how much fat is in them. Then she realized anything with that much fat in it had to taste good.