Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Today I went to the hospital I stayed at in September, whose CDE I consulted through November. I wrote a letter to leave there for her, but she came down to the lobby and talked with me for a while instead.
It was a really nice conversation. She hi-fived me when I told her my A1c had been 6.5% in January, asked me if I was thinking about a pump. Knew what I was talking about when I said that this body of mine is just plain weird. Told me she'd just been wondering about me. Said she would consider me hypo unaware since I don't feel 60s, and that my insurance generally will cover the cgms as long as my endo signs a paper saying I'm hypo unaware. Told me to say hi to my parents.
She's going to be at one of the ADA camps this summer, and I'm thinking I might go too, as a counselor in training or something. It might be nice.
Looking at the forms for summer camps that ask about what the campers' ratios are, it makes me laugh to think about going three weeks with the same I:C ratio.
She asked me how long it's been and I realized anew that my half anniversary is Thursday.

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