Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Charted Lantus Time Blood Sugar Numbers

For the last five months, I've put my Lantus-time blood sugar numbers into a
pie chart. These are mostly the first reading after I wake up in the morning, although sometimes I am up hours earlier; then I do have the chance to correct before Lantus time. When I first started this pie chart, it was easy to see my numbers gettting better and better, but not anymore. I keep track of this number in particular because my numbers in the early morning tend to plateau- when I don't eat breakfast and I check two hours later, my bg is within 10 points, even if I've been running around. Then around 10 or 11 in the morning, it'll start fluxtuating, bouncing down and up, breakfast or no breakfast.
I chose to analyze my Lantus time numbers because I see them as somewhat representative of what happens overnight. I consistantly take a reading at that time of day everyday, whereas I don't consistantly test at any other time of day. This is a pre-breakfast number around 90% of the time. It is unlikely to changing much because it follows hours of not eating, with no excercise. The lowest number I've ever woken up with in the morning is 66. The highest during this period is 293, which followed a nightime low that I overcorrected by a long shot. I'm sure that, before I started taking Lantus, I woke up above 300 dozens of times.


cassandra said...

that graph site is cool! ^0^

so, based on your assessment, do you feel like your current lantus dosing is good?

i usually wake up on the low side. but really, i prefer to wake up slightly low because i have serious dawn phenomenon, in which in the 2-3 hours following waking up, my sugar jumps between 40-100 mg/dl. of course, i need to check more in the middle of the night to make sure i am not dipping dangerously low...

Jonah said...

Yeah, the graph site is seriously cool.
I play with my Lantus dose and change it at least once per week. I know most people don't do that, but hey, works for me. My endo says that my insulin needs are a moving target, and a truer statement I have never heard. I have major problems with hypos and am definitely not comfortable with being low during the night- I don't really like going to bed in the double digits.
You might have noticed the way I've color coded my chart- the lowest three categories are blue and the rest are other categories. My goal, in Jonah-speak, is to be in the blue. Light blue is nice, but the important thing is blue.
For the last two months, the chart has hovered around two thirds blue. I'd like to make it ever bluer.