Saturday, February 17, 2007


I went to see my therapist on Thursday and she asked me how I was doing, and I answered that I had a cold. She said it was the third time in a row I'd answered that. I've been wondering about the way I seem to get frequent lingering colds.
Hyperglycemia is known to impede zinc absorption, and zinc is known to shorten the duration of cold symptoms, though it does not prevent them from showing up in the first place, nor does it generally mitigate symptoms during the first three days of the cold. I'm thinking maybe a zinc deficiency is responsible for the persistance of my colds. I've been wondering if having persistant colds has any long term repercussions. Having a cold is a minor nuisance. I think it also raises my insulin needs.

This week I woke up hypo twice, the third and fourth times (since leaving the hospital) that it has happened. The four values that I've tested at after waking hypo are 23, 38, 41, and 46.

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cassandra said...

hmm. i have never considered the zinc deficiency. although, soil these days is so depleted that D or no D, everyone should take daily supplements. you might try getting a multivitamin that includes zinc. ^-^