Monday, January 20, 2014

Things I Have Liked About Pumping

I've been pretty down on pumping, and even trying to make a list of good things, I keep thinking- yeah, well, coulda done that on shots. But there are still a few things:

  • Without Lantus coverage, my basal needs become much more transparent. Having tried a pump, I now have a much better idea about what my Lantus was doing (and I think I'll try NPH if/when I return to shots).
  • No Lantus shot. After more than 2500 days in a row with a Lantus shot (I am GOOD), this feels WEIRD. In a good way.
  • Although I have still had lots of lows, it has been easier to avoid them, and especially to avoid a long string of them.  Especially the activity related lows. The my-meal-is-not-digesting lows have been their same horrible selves.
  • Figuring things out about the pump. This does not actually help with anything but my mood.
  •  That it's connected to me! No scrambling around looking for my insulin or syringes or the Dexcom. I just find the infusion site and reel it in.

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