Thursday, January 16, 2014

40 days on the 530 G and I finally figured out that...

 It IS possible to see sensor data on here. You go to utilities in the main menu, then daily totals, then either average or one of the days. Then act. That takes you to a screen that only has insulin delivery stats. Then act again. That takes you to sensor stats, which are SG average, Above Hi Limit, within limits, below low limit, SG Std. Dev., #Hi Alert, #Lo Alert, # Predict Hi, #Predict Lo, #Rise Rate, #Fall Rate, Number SGs. Act again takes you to Meter Stats- BG average, Number BGs, Meter L/H, Manual L/H. Act again takes you back to insulin delivery stats.

BTW, I did look for this almost immediately when I got the pump and numerous medtronic employees couldn't tell me where to find this data (one said he thought it was there but after looking for it for a few minutes he said maybe not on this model).

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