Saturday, January 25, 2014

Labs Mostly Normal

My rheumatologist does something none of my other doctors do: she mails patients their lab results.
Mine came in the mail today. I had been hoping they would be accompanied by the x-rays results, but they weren't.

She had tested me for hepatitis, which occasionally causes arthritis. My transaminases and bilirubin were normal and I test negative for hepatitis B and C viruses. I also, unfortunately, test negative for hepatitis B antibodies, which means that despite the series of hepatitis B vaccinations I received 15 years ago, I am not currently protected against hepatitis B and, given that I work in health care, should be re-vaccinated.

My white blood cell counts were all normal, my hemoglobin was on the high side at 16.7 g/dl (good enough for me), and my mean corpuscular volume was very slightly high (which it has been before).

My glucose level was 66 mg/dl, which I find concerning because I had just tested with the Bayer Contour Next Link and it had read 81. Grrr. If your bg meter is not accurate, how can your CGM do any better?

My calcium level was slightly high at 10.5 g/dl, which is frustrating- it's been high like that before, which is abnormal enough that I've been tested for a parathyroid tumor, which I don't have. I was going to get more tests back then but it normalized before we got around to it. Maybe now I should have that 24 hour urine calcium test?

My albumin was slightly high, probably from mild dehydration.

The inflammation markers were low, which this lab considers normal. The c reactive protein was undetectable (as always), and the sed rate was 2 mm/hr which is pretty much the same as always.

The doctor note to patient attached said: "Labs mostly normal."

Overall, of course, the doctor is right. These labs are mostly normal; they do not indicate any kind of emergency. And yet I am not comforted.

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