Saturday, March 10, 2012


The week before last was the sort of exhausting week where my exhaustion makes me make mistakes that make me even more exhausted. About ten days ago, I left my Dexcom receiver on the bus. Realized my mistake immediately, crossed the street to wait for the bus to come back. Waited half an hour only to find that my bus had been the first of the evening to go to the garage instead of turning and continuing the route in the other direction. Oy! It was just barely too late to go to the garage.
The next morning after prayers I went over to the garage, where they have a lost and found, and asked (through a window) if they'd found my Dexcom. The guy sorted through a file cabinet, picked out something that looked exactly like my Dexcom, at least through the window, and said sorry, no. So I filled out a form describing the bus, the Dexcom, my name and number and they said they'd call me if it came in. I was really hoping for a message on my machine Tuesday evening (I don't have a cell, just a home phone). No message. I hoped on Wednesday. No message. On Thursday morning I called the garage. They had my Dexcom!
On Thursday afternoon I went in and picked it up. They made me fill out paperwork and photocopied my ID before giving me the Dexcom. The lady at the window wanted to know what it was. It's a medical device, I said. It gives me an approximation of my blood sugar every five minutes.
Oh, you're diabetic too? Says the woman. I've never heard of that. I'm gonna have to look it up. Does it replace the finger (mimes jabbing a finger)?
So maybe that was hashgacha pratis (divine intervention) for that woman? I dunno.
My Dexcom battery had gone to zero and needed a while to recharge, which was the first time I'd run down the battery like that, but it was okay. It's working great at the moment.

Last week, Wednesday night-Thursday, was the Jewish holiday of Purim. Wednesday day was the fast of Esther. I tried fasting. I got up in the morning with a reasonable blood sugar (around 150) but it hit 200 just after prayers and I took 2 units of Regular. Around 3 hours later, my blood sugar went below 70, and stayed there for about an hour, while I ate a candy (admittedly not my best choice of candy- it was 15 grams of carbs but also had about 5 grams of fat and another 3 of protein). Very slowly through the afternoon my blood sugar went up up up until I injected for it around 4 PM.
The nondenominational prayer group I often pray with had teamed up with a Reform congregation for the holiday, and the Reform group didn't include people fasting, so they had food before the the megillah reading (when I couldn't eat) so started the reading late. Then it turned out they weren't planning a kosher megillah reading, but they had a scroll. So I got the scroll and started reading, out loud. By the time I finished, I was shaking from exhaustion. Breaking fasts is kind of hard, bg wise; my body seems to utilize all of the sugar immediately instead of storing some in the liver, so I need a lot more insulin per carb and have much more of a tendency to shoot high. So I took a lot of insulin and didn't eat all that much. Then I went to a friend's house and spent a couple of hours practicing reading the book of Esther for the following morning. He took me home around midnight, and just then my blood sugar plumetted. I ate a bit more and went to bed.

On Purim day, I got up at 4:30 AM (after about four hours of sleep) to practice my megillah reading. I was a little high then but by the time I went to prayers I was in range and dropping. Unfortunately, I was so nervous during the reading that the tune didn't come out of my mouth- my voice was flat from anxiety. But at least I said all the words loudly and pronounced them correctly. I put together some great food stuffs, but then spent three hours really hypo and couldn't deliver them, and then I had to go to teach. I gave my students the food, which made them happy.

Anyways, Purim is over. Now to plan for passover!


Reyna said...

I have noticed the increased insulin needs when doing a basal assessment on Joe. If he fasts from morning to afternoon...I need to bolus him like it was breakfast (even if he is eating at like 3pm). His breakfast ratio is a 1:11 whereas his afternoon ratio is a 1:30. Figured it out through trial and error over the years.

Hope you and the family are well Jonah.

Nathan said...

Glad you got your Dex receiver back. Lately, I'd have a really hard time living without my sensor data.

That situation with fasting is tricky!