Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let's Guess My A1c!

In a few hours I'll have an A1c draw. I'll probably get the results Thursday night or Friday day, unless there's some other weird labs. Let's see if we can guess my HbA1c, hey?

My Dexcom average for the last week is 133. For the month, the average is 146, and for the past three months, the average is 143. I took five sensor sessions and compared all calibrations made while the Dexcom was giving a reading (so no start ups) and compared the meter readings with the sensor reading prior to the meter reading. For the five sensor sessions (with 100 calibrations), the average error was that the dexcom read 3.7% higher than the accu chek. This may or may not mean anything. And for those who haven't been reading this blog forever, it may be worth noting that almost everytime we've compared an accu chek reading done in my doctor's office to the lab draw reading, the accu chek has read something higher- by 10%-30%. So my suspicion is that my average blood sugar is actually a bit lower than Dexcom says.
The last A1c I had done was in October and it was 6.1%.
My total hemoglobin and hematocrit tend to be about 16 g/dl and 48%, respectively.

There are a bunch of online A1c calculators that use different formulas. If you like one best, go ahead and predict with it.

Me, here's my guess: 6.7% Can you beat my guess?
Prize is... uh... I'll profile you or your blog, if you want me to.


FeltFinland said...

How about 6.5%....
Interestingly here in Finland they also use a slightly different measurement too, which I believe is very similar to the HbA1C - it is measured in mmol/mol and should be below 60. I will check out more at the little man's next clinic appointment!

FeltFinland said...

Just found this link that might explain things better than I can!


Nathan said...

I was also going to call 6.5%, so, I'll play it safe and go for 6.6%. Good results, either way, Jonah!

Michael Hoskins said...

Let's go with 6.4!!!!