Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Immediately Post Endo-Visit

Endo visit was quick. I weighed 101 lb, bp 110/70, pulse 64, and thyroid exam normal. I got a prescription for a jet injector. My endo said his impression of jet injectors was that although they work well, they're cumbersome and most people would rather use insulin pens, especially since insurance often won't pay.
He did a blood draw for the A1c, for calcium, ionized calcium, and PTH (follow up because my calcium levels have been running high for the last few years and the last calcium level was high enough to be problematic). He says the PTH is a sensitive test and might take a few days but it might be back tomorrow even. He says back in the day, when he became an endocrinologist, there wasn't a good way to do PTHs and only one guy in the country who did even an OK job with them and things sure have changed.

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Nathan said...

I recently read that jet injectors give faster results with rapid insulins than traditional injections because they spread out the insulin in the tissue better. That's a plus in my book. Well, for corrections and fast acting carbs it is...