Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Week of (trying for) Running High

After my scary low a week ago, I decided to try to aim for high blood sugar, around 180, instead of my usual target range of 65-155 (target number 110).

An evaluation of my numbers over the past week shows that I did not really run significantly higher during the daytime, although I dramatically cut lows. I went from being low about 7% of the time to about 2%, and I did not go below 55 the entire week. I ran significantly higher overnights, particularly because of two nights in which I was very high (on one of those nights I threw up- not sure if it was because of the high or the high was because of the sick). My total blood sugar average was about 20 mg/dl higher than the previous week and about 30 mg/dl higher than the last three months' average. My standard deviation was lower and time spent above 240 was comparable; I spent a lot more time than usual in the 160-240 range.

I thought at first that I would be able to say how running high made me feel but then I realized that I'm sick and that that probably has as much to do with how I'm feeling. But I was really a lot more hungry this week. Maybe that had to do with running high, maybe not. Maybe it has to do with being sick. I also really noticed on the nights that I was running high, I felt pretty awful. I don't like running that high. I snacked throughout the days trying to get my blood sugar to go up, which it generally wouldn't do until evening. Not sure what that's about. And I also noticed, since I was correcting sparingly, that my insulin is dropping me by more than I was assuming- I was assuming an ISF of roughly 30-35 in the AM, but my actual ISF was more in the 40-45 range, and in the evenings I was assuming an ISF of 60 but seeing an ISF of more like 80-90. So my attempts to underdose for carbs weren't working because I was taking too much insulin.
That means it's time for me to go back to couting carbs carefully and collecting data- yuck. I'm not sure if the changes I saw were due to illness or will be persisting for awhile.

I think I'm going to keep trying to pre-empt lows by treating at blood sugars in the 90s until it's clear that I've recovered from whatever is making me sick. And I may put in a call to my endo about my blood sugars sometime soon.

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