Sunday, December 04, 2011

Rookie Sensor Mistake

Last night, I changed sensors, since the old one still hadn't recovered from Sensor Error 1. And as if the day hadn't been rotten enough, I made a rookie mistake. See if you can find it.

I took off the old sensor, had a drink of water, took a bath, dried off, had another drink of water. Got out a new sensor, got my mother to help, had her pull off the adhesive and stick it on my butt. Pulled the clear plastic stopper thing off the side, pressed down to insert needle and sensor, made sure it clicked down twice. Squeezed the sides of the sensor to release the inserter, it stuck a bit more than usual and pulled free. I took the transmitter out of my old sensor and put it in the new one. I went to the menu on the Dexcom, scrolled down to start new sensor, and hit ok twice. Twenty minutes later, I got the message: Failed Sensor.

What went wrong?

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Nathan said...

I don't use Dexcom, so the procedures seem a bit different... but, I'm guessing that somehow the transmitter needed to be reset to overcome the error from the previous sensor?