Thursday, December 01, 2011

I made it the whole month of November with a fact a day, I think. I'm going to make a list sometime. So I think it's time for a little bit of an update on me.

My blood sugars in July, August, September, October were the most stable and easy to understand blood sugars I've ever seen in myself. That resulted in an A1c in October of 6.1% that I had actually expected to be lower, even though 6.1% is my personal record low A1c. Unfortunately, my bg became very unstable soon after that A1c draw and is now being really difficult. My average blood sugar hasn't gone up all that much (though it has significantly gone up) but that is at the cost of a lot more hypoglycemia. I am not seeing a whole lot of flat lines.
This may be because I haven't been following my own advice; I'm really sleep deprived. I've been staying up late writing these posts (the ones that took the longest were the ones where I started out with an opinion, but then found that the research disagreed with me or was inconclusive, so had to pick a new topic- I may write a post about things I was wrong about) and then getting up early to go to morning prayers. But anyways, I'm not doing too poorly.

I saw my general practitioner today. My vitals were all pretty great- my weight was within a pound of last time, my temperature, pulse, and bp were all where I want them to be. My endo had faxed over my bloodwork from my last two visits, per my request. The only interesting detail he hadn't shared was my serum creatinine, which was low on both the June and October tests (not a real surprise, since my creatinine is usually low, but possibly indicative of hyperfiltration).
The GP and I had a long talk (I am lucky in the time my GP and endo spend with me). She suggested that I see a different endocrinologist- one who is well versed in all of the endocrine diseases/issues that I have. I'm not sure such a paragon exists and am also concerned that such a person wouldn't have the style my endo does. I want a doctor who has time for me, and who understands that I want to be making most/all of my treatment decisions (including decisions not to treat)- I want the doctor to be educating me about and offering me options, and I want the doctor to be a good diagnostician. My current endo is not willing to manage my testosterone, which is why I see the GP, and also doesn't know as much as I want him to about vitamin D. Anyways. For now I'm sticking with the doctors I've got, and maybe throwing a rheumatologist into the mix.
I had blood drawn- only one vial, because apparently all of the tests I wanted and/or the doc wanted require small amounts of blood. The nurse got blood on the first draw despite not having a butterfly, which is about the first time that has ever happened. That nurse always gets my veins though. I have a good relationship with him and I'm always thrilled to see him when he's there because he is so good at getting my blood and also he likes my jokes.

Posts soon to come include a list of things that I didn't learn in November, a summary of the November facts (that maybe become one of my "pages" on top), worst excuses for high blood sugar readings, and updates on my diabetic life.


Nathan said...

Well, thanks for all your hard working blogging everyday last month. It was very interesting reading and I appreciate your efforts. I look forward to more. I enjoy your objective and informational approach to your blog. Perhaps because of how much time I have spent with diabetes, I don't have much patience for the affective discussions about it. Thanks!

FeltFinland said...

A fascinating look into the 'other' side of Diabetes throughout November Jonah, Thank you!

Reyna said...

Love that the phlebotomist loves your JOKES Jonah!!!