Monday, February 14, 2011

Death Knell For Dexcom

Last night I took out sensor 14. It was working fine, but it was itching fierce, possibly because the adhesive was off enough that the sensor was probably able to move a bit.

I took a bath, I put in sensor 15. It was the first sensor that I put in all by my self, and I'm kinda proud of it. It's in my right arm. It was giving kind of weird numbers, had some ???s overnight and in the morning, then seemed to be settling down to something like accuracy.
Around noon, it made a little beep sound. One single beep. I pressed a button, it didn't turn on, so I held down all the buttons until it said Initializing... and it started back up again (with readings).
It gave a beep and did that again around 2:30. It did again at 4:00. At 4:15 I heard a beep and looking down and it said Initializing... and then it said Err with a triangle, and the code HWRFT. I called Dexcom, they said it's a hardware error, and I should have a new Dexcom tomorrow by 4:30.

So I'm leaving the sensor in and will "start" it tomorrow after I get home from work. I really want to have a working sensor for Wednesday's endoscopy day.

So in case you wondered what the death knell sounds like... it's a single high pitched beeep.


Reyna said...

Ahh...thanks for the "heads up" on the sound.

And...Dexcom has great customer service. I actually need to call them, thanks for the reminder. We just received a new receiver (I told you about it in a comment about a week or so ago)...and then our transmitter broke - of the parts that "stick out" in order to "snap into" the site...BROKE! UGH. Joe is still able to wear it. I am afraid that it will fall out soon though and then we will have no transmitter and I don't know what Dexcom's policy is on that.

Good luck on Wednesday! Update us please.

htimm=) said...

We don't have a Dexcom yet so I can not relate to your post (I am putting it in the back of my mind to pull out again when we do have one) but I am thinking about you and your procedure on Wed. Please keep us posted on how things go.

Jen said...

We just spent a week trialing (is that even a word??!!) Dexcom 7 on my 4 year old son. I have to say, I was unsure about it at times, but now that we took it off I totally miss it!!! I am nervous about doing the first insertion of the transmitter on my own when we get one for I understand how good you must have felt when you put it on yourself and it went well..and then totally annoyed when you found out there was a hardware error!! Hope it gets to you on time ..good luck Wednesday!