Monday, February 21, 2011

Armbands on sensors?

I put in this sensor 8 days ago, on a Sunday. That Monday, the receiver broke. That evening I was moving furniture for my mother and the sensor caught on something, and came up a little- the adhesive on one side came off- but the sensor stayed in. On Tuesday, the new receiver came and I spent over half an hour trying to get the transmitter out without pulling the sensor off my arm. I got it off, entered the transmitter number into the new receiver and it started working.
The accuracy has left something to be desired, although actually the last two calibrations were good (but earlier ones had differences like 81 v 188). I suspect that this has something to do it having come part out.

Back when I wore minimed sensors, which required extra adhesive all the time, if my skin was too itchy at night, sometimes I wrapped and tied a shirt or bandage around the sensor in my arm to keep it on. This mostly worked fine at night but twice it failed and if it wasn't tight enough, it would pull the sensor down with it. I had some suspicions about whether the extra pressure on the sensor might affect its usefulness.

Somebody recently posted about keeping an omnipod on with an armband, and I started thinking about using it for sensors. Here is the website:
The armbands here are customizable by size and are intended for pumpers.
I'm going to send an email to the people who make them because I have some questions (in particular, I suspect that they may be too long for my upper arms) and I think I might buy one (or two, since they're running a sale).

Have any of you tried armbands on sensors or pump sites? What was your experience?

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