Sunday, February 06, 2011


So I'm wearing this sensor on my stomach and it's been in for a little over four days and it's performing fine. For the most part, a comparison between the meter and the Dex gives very similar numbers.

But the adhesive! It seemed to stick on just fine all around when I put it in, but merely four days later, and one side of adhesive is all the way up! I have the uneasy suspicion that it is going to get yanked out by accident when I'm adjusting my shirt or pants or something.

Also! I finally figured out how to get the alarms to persist and wake me up at night. I set the snooze time to half an hour. That gives it way more chances to wake me up. I also set the high alarm all the way up at 200 instead of a lower number; that way when it alarms I know that it's actually at a number I for sure will want to correct.

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Wendy said...

We have had adhesion issues with the current sensor as well. Ended up having to cover it with an IV dressing :(