Sunday, October 10, 2010

I just really, really, really wanted to point out this response to a question on CWD:

Because it's totally right.
I'm a little surprised that the child in the article was diagnosed young, since I'd've thought having parents be in charge of the diabetes at some point would translate to more parental involvement later on, but I think it's really common for those of us diagnosed ages 10-20 (or even slightly younger) to be burdened with all or almost all of the diabetes care from the get go in a way that presents a challenge almost impossible to meet with an additionally intense sense of isolation and a further distancing from parents (as in, one more way they'll never get me).

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Reyna said...

Jonah, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Joe is still so young, but I would think the natural inclination would be to hand off much of his care in his teen years to him. I have heard our Endo advise other, older patient's families, to stay involved and to help lessen the burden of "d" management by helping out with the care. I will continue to help Joe into his teen years for sure...especially after reading this.

BTW, funny thing...and I just have to share it b/c it just happened. Joe goes up to bed. States, "my legs are so tired... I WILL not get out of bed for one other thing". I say "OK". Of course, right when he gets to his bed...a shout is heard from his room..."I FEEL LOW". I calmly state..."check your number". He responds..."YOU DON't CARE ABOUT ME! don't care that I may need GLUCAGON!!!" bla..bla...bla. He was 69...he got a juice. Kind of funny how much he knows and how manipulative he can be in a cute way.

Have a great night Jonah...and thanks for the info.