Friday, October 29, 2010

I got a new box of sensors fifteen days ago, about a day after I had finished with my last sensor on the previous box. I put the sensor in my arm, and am so far having the best sensor experience since the first one. Yeps, I said so far. I am now on the third week with it - restarted it for a second time yesterday. It is being held on by band-aids, since the adhesive hasn't been cutting it for about a week now. I haven't seen ??? in about a week, which is way better than the leg or tummy sensor did. I'm still going to give the stomach and leg another go with my next two sensors, but it really seems like arm sites are superior. I am getting fairly frequent out of range blips, but not usually more than for one reading in a row, and maybe it's because of the band-aids. I don't know. I'm also having the problem that it goes from three bars on the battery sign to one flashing one in just over 24 hours. I haven't uploaded data since my last data post and am really impatient to find out how the month of October will have gone by the time I do upload (probably in six days).

My digestion has noticeably improved over the last two months. I haven't had a single meal in over a month in which I was unable to continue eating, and only a few meals in which I made food choices based on my stomach hurting. I'm hoping this heralds great things on the weight front.
My thyroid ultrasound came back with a uniform looking thyroid, which is excellent news. Unfortunately the ultrasound probe really pushed down on my thyroid and it is now even more painfully tender and visibly enlarged.

P.S. I was about to hit the "Publish Post" button when I noticed ??? DRAT!

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Reyna said...

ARGH! We almost never see the ???...we only use Joe's arms. He only has muscle in his legs AND his abdomen. His tush is saved for insulin...LOL. Thank god he got my ass...lots of real estate for the insulin.

Have a great w/e Jonah!