Monday, March 17, 2008

I think my blood sugars are getting better. According to my meter, the seven day average (n=40) is 119. The 14 day (n=71) is 134. The 30 day (n=123) is 145. Who da man? I'm going down down baby! (I hate that that stupid song still pops in my head- I haven't heard it in seven years!)
Yeah, my meter average was above 150 for like a month and I'm relieved to see it heading back down to normal. Yump. In case you're thinking, Only 123 checks in 30 days?! I think that I was using another meter for a lot of that time. At least, I hope so. My sense of time is pretty poor. It does seem like I haven't had to open new boxes of test strips as frequently as usual, but on the other hand I just started using boxes that contain two cannisters for a total of a hundred strips, rather than the old Accu-Chek boxes with one cannister for a total of fifty strips. That means fewer code chips.
I have no idea what's going on with my body that my numbers are getting better. My insulin needs seem to be heading down down baby. After a month of doing 25-40 units of Lantus per day, I'm down to about 20 per day for the last week. I was using Novolog at a rate of like 40 units per day, and now- maybe 20. In case you're thinking that that's still a lot of insulin for a small person, maybe I should tell you that I gained ten pounds in the last three months. Which is fine. A lot of it is muscle. I don't think weight lifting does anything good for my blood sugar.

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